Frequently Asked Questions

No! You get much more than just an application for users. publishXi is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that includes the following:

1. PublishXi’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop publishing studio that also automatically generates a number of defined xAPI statements

2. User management that includes features such as enterprise authentication and authorization and the ability to target content to individual users or groups

3. An enterprise-level business intelligence dashboard that also tracks and visualizes both metadata tags and xAPI user actions and journeys

Just access our web-based dashboard to manage your app content, send notifications, view and track analytics, change content in real time, manage users, and target content.

Yes! You can easily implement m-learning by creating effective microlearning experiences and delivering them to mobile users through videos, PDFs, images, and more.

Yes! publishXi has built-in real-time synchronization that allows users to return to wherever they left off as they switch from a desktop or iPad to a mobile device.

Yes! We take care of submissions and approvals. Your apps are live in minutes and will be accessible for download once they are approved by Apple and Google. It typically takes Apple and Google one to seven business days to review an app and post it.

Yes! Our web application is responsive, so it is mobile-friendly. The native apps are not just web apps—they are actual native apps. The branded iOS and Android apps your organization receives are fast and easy to use because we practice the “principle of least effort.” publishXi apps use all of the advanced features of a user’s mobile device.

Yes! We provide users access to all content offline. When a user is connected to the internet, he or she can download any program to a device in seconds. This allows users to access content at point-of-need.

Yes! Because we use Keycloak, we can easily integrate into any organization’s active directory. Users can then use their current corporate credentials to access publishXi.

Yes! We are always making improvements, and we deliver optimum performance by ensuring we are compliant with the latest iOS and Android version updates.

publishXi customers own all their own data, content, assets, and any other information they have provided. We have created an enterprise-level user management platform built with container technology, and we use enterprise-level authentication and authorization by deploying Keycloak in our container architecture.


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