Create your own private library for...

  • Guidelines - Deliver guidelines at point of need
  • Tradeshow and conference materials - Deliver targeted content that your employees need to access for a specific conference
  • Flashcards - Create flashcards in minutes and enhance them with images, videos, 3D images etc.
  • Manuals - Ensure all your customers, or employees have access to up-to-date manuals in multiple languages
  • Booklets - Publish your booklets the way they were meant to be consumed
  • Pocket and visitor guides - Make these user friendly and allow users to bookmark, maps, points of interest etc.
  • Mobile and mLearning - Users can access content offline when there is poor or no internet
  • Multilingual - Easily create multilingual experiences
  • Private video, image or podcast library - create your own private, video, podcast, book library and control user access

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